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The weavers appear as thoughts. As unspoken sentences left hanging from the ceiling. Repressed feelings and a growing pulse (pulse, pulse). They appear as bodily memories. I follow threads and threads and threads. I travel with them and through them and to them (and in them and next to them). I fall asleep and start again. This might be a celebration.

WEAVERS is an audiovisual installation for a dancer, cello and voice. The piece was created for contemporary music festival Whatever Works! in Turku, 2021. The piece is in four parts and should loop in random order in a concert hall before an actual concert begins. It aims prepare the audience for whatever is about to come and create a meditative-like state.


Video, composition, text, vocals: Ragnheiður Erla Björnsdóttir

Dancer: Zoé Afan

Cello: Oliver Müller

Stills from Weavers

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