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Elsewhere at Fashion For Future

My dear collaborator, Nina Sandino, had her workshop Beyond Labels last weekend at Fashion For Future in Bolzano, Italy. Her workshops includes movement practices, sensorial explorations and at the end, a solo performance from Elsewhere, a piece created by the performance collective we both are a part of called the Needles.

My music traveled with her to Italy. I had the honour of being a part of the space she created with my voice and sonics. Not only my voice, but as this piece explores the four elements in relations to the fast fashion industry from perspectives from the Global South, some nonhuman sounds were interwoven into the storytelling. The audience heard vibration from a mountain, a conversation between three whales, rock scratching, falling, and becoming-with a sewing machine, and more.

Normally, I perform with the Needles live, but for the past month, Nina and I have been working on creating a musical version for the piece that works for solo performances. Our next excursion will be in July at Spectrum Festival in Villach, Austria, where the Needles will perform Elsewhere.

The Needels are Andrea Vezga Acevedo, Daniela Hernández Flores, Nina Sandino, Ragnheiður Erla Björnsdóttir.

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