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This dance performance was premiered at the festival Kultursommer Wien 2021. Created by collective VitoZoé Dance, I had the opportunity to make the music for the 40 minute long piece.

Enter the Insider is based on the pool of specific information existing between groups of people.  The appeal of an insider is, that it gives people the feeling of acceptance and mutual understanding while being comfortably detached from the rest of society. In this piece, the creators try to embody the insiders they share within their own friendship as well as the cultural insiders, f.ex. the discrepancy between the African and western pop culture or the existence of cliches in the seemingly eclectic language of contemporary dance.


Performers - Vito Vidovič Bintchende, Zoé- Afan Strasser, Bianca Anne Braunsberger, Rebeka Mondowics, Bita Bell

Music - Ragnheiður Erla Björnsdóttir

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