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BLOOM: A Sequence of Gatherings

BLOOM is a theatrical vocal performance for nine voices created by Immix Vocal Ensemble for NKK NXT, a talent development programme by the Nederlands Kamerkoorj.

I composed 6 knee plays for their performance (see example in video) inspired by a close creative collaboration with the group. The text I wrote for the compositions was deconstructed from material provided to me by them and every knee play was my personal reference to how I experienced their characters and collective conscience.


Music: Ragnheiður Erla Björnsdóttir, Se Enkhbayar, Einojuhani Rautavaara, Erik Bergman, Ruben Grevelink, Jobbe Hoebink & Jesse van der Wel, ⁠James MacMillan en William Byrd

Direction: Stijn Dijkema
Camera: Charlie Feld
Sounds: Sander van der Werff
Lights: Mart Hielema

Concept, singing and acting: Phoebe Kirrage, Julie Hasfjord, Ariel Sin Yu Lee, Emma Nelson, Merel Wentink, Jesse van der Wel, Jobbe Hoebink, Ruben Grevelink, Sebastiaan Ammerlaan

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