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May 24-25, 2024: Weaving at SPARC Symposium 2024: [Im]probable Networks, an installation by Lilja María Ásmundsdóttir

May 24, 2024: Duo from Elsewhere (Andrea Vezga Acevedo & Daniela Hernández Flores) at Klima Biannale Wien


June 14, 2024: Performance-lecture at the Artistic Research Center, Vienna

June 26, 2024: Solo from Elsewhere (Nina Sandino) at S_P_I_T_Queer Performance Festival Vienna


July 3-5, 2024: Elsewhere at Spectrum Festival, Villach, Austria

Multispecies Vocal Weaving

My current research is happening in the forest. I am doing fieldwork for an artistic research project asking: Can humans and nonhumans make music together? Can I call it multispecies musicking? Can I call it multispecies vocal weaving? I want to know how to think about human voices making-with ontologically heterogeneous partners in a forest. 

The project explores the voice through embodiment, extended vocal techniques, deconstructed phonetic poetry and multispecies vocal weaving with the aim of creating vocal sculptures as ecological art.

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